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Open/Close Menu Princess Kristina of Norway based in Madrid, Foundation is a cultural foundation that aims to promote cultural activities in Spain that serve to strengthen ties between Norway and Spain, and maintenance of the statue of Princess Kristina, built in 1978 Covarrubias, a place where the sarcophagus with the remains of the princess.

The mayors of Alfaz del Pi and Covarrubias confirm the connection between the two municipalities, a partnership whose main objective cultural exchange and the development of a common artistic program. This alliance stems from the bond that the two cities have with Norway.

The Mayor of Alfaz del Pi, Vicente ArquesAnd that of Covarrubias, Óscar IzcaraHave today endorsed the union between the two municipalities signing a protocol twinning in the Plenary Hall of the Consistory alfasino, an act that has been attended by the deputy provincial European citizens, Mercedes AlonsoAnd the Norwegian honorary consul, Jan Arild Nilsen.

A delegation from the Burgos town has traveled this week to l'Alfas del Pi to ratify the protocol signed twinning between the two municipalities last October in Covarrubias and to actively participate in the commemoration of the Day of Norway, which will take place tomorrow .

"We took advantage of the celebration of May 17 to consolidate the union between two locations that have a strong link with Norway, Covarrubias by Princess Kristina and l'Alfas to host the second largest colony of Norwegians," said the mayor alfasino, Vicente Arques. This fact, the provincial deputy of European citizens, Mercedes Alonso, said that "Alicante meets all the requirements to be a land of welcome and progress". Hence the Norwegian colonies like L'Alfas del Pi with nearly five decades settled in the province.

For its part, the mayor of Covarrubias, Oscar Izcara, stressed the importance of this union because it is "a project linking Spain and Norway through two locations, L'Alfas del Pi and Covarrubias, and has a special halo by the story of princess Kristina ". In the same vein it pronounced the Norwegian consul, Jan Arild Nilsen. "I am honored that my country is the cause of twinning between two Spanish towns as diverse and so united precisely by Norway," he noted.

About a hundred people attended the signing of the protocol Twinning l'Alfas del Pi and Covarrubias. local authorities, representatives of the Twinning Committee and institutions such as the Norwegian Club, The Norwegian School Costa Blanca, the Norway Church of l'Albir, he Committee May 17, the Kristina foundation wave Brotherhood of St. Olav.

The contacts between both municipalities began in 2010 with the visit of a delegation burgalesa L'Alfas del Pi. A couple of years later, representatives of l'Alfas del Pi attended the inauguration of the Chapel of St. Olav and since then have been constant collaborations.

During the signing of the twinning, Brith FaegerstadResident in l'Alfas del Pi Norwegian citizen, has donated to the City of Covarrubias a tapestry of Princess Kristina hand embroidered by her mother deceased, who for 24 years chaired the Cardiology Unit of the Hospital of Tonsberg, hometown daughter of king Haakon 'old'.

Likewise, the Municipal Corporation of l'Alfas Covarrubias has presented to the libro The Alfas 200 years', A book written by the director of the archive of the Kingdom of Valencia, Francesc Torres FausWhich prologa Pere María Orts i Bosch and has engravings calcográficos Miquel Zaragoza. A true work of art, a limited edition of 100 copies, series, numbered and cataloged within the Bibliofilia Artisan Creative was launched.

The town of Covarrubias also sealed this union with a very special present: a framed photograph of the tower of Doña Urraca, the tenth century, and the tower of the Collegiate Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian in resting Princess Kristina of Norway .

Two sisters locations for its link with Norway

The alliance between l'Alfas del Pi and Covarrubias stems from the bond that both municipalities have with Norway. In the case of Burgos town, Norwegians feel a special affection for his princesa Kristina, Daughter of rey Haakon Haakonsson 'el viejo'Which in the thirteenth century he traveled to Spain to marry Felipe Infante de Castilla and brother of rey Alfonso X El Sabio. Princess could not bear to live so far from their land and melancholy could with her. His remains rest in the Collegiate Church of San Cosme and San Damián de CovarrubiasWho each year visit more than a thousand Norwegians, many of them across the road St. Olav pilgrimage.

While, Alfaz del Pi lies the second colony of Norwegian world's largest. While it is true that they are about 2,500 registered voters Norwegians, it is estimated that more than 8,000 live. Las cifras son contundentes y hablan por si mismas: el Club Noruego Costa Blanca, con más de un millar de socios, celebró en 2015 su 45 aniversario. Pero además, en l’Alfàs del Pi hay dos centros educativos noruegos, tres residencias noruegas para personas mayores, tienen su Iglesia propia en l’Albir y el único Centro de Voluntariado que el Gobierno noruego ha abierto fuera de sus fronteras. Una ciudad que cada 17 de mayo conmemora el Día Nacional de Noruega como si fuera su propia fiesta nacional, celebración que se ha convertido en una jornada singular de convivencia entre ambas culturas.

Exhibition and craft and food fair Covarrubias

Burgos delegation is composed of thirty people, among whom are representatives of the City of Covarrubias and its Office of Tourism, the Princess Kristina Foundation, the Brotherhood of St. Olav, as well as artists and burgaleses craftsmen who have traveled l'Alfas up to give residents and visitors meet environmental cultural, historical richness and a half Covarrubias and their handicraft and cuisine.

The exhibition can be visited Covarrubias in l'Alfas amb Història Museum and the culinary and craft fair is installed in the Plaça Jaume I. The hours will be Tuesday from 17:00 to 20:00, and tomorrow Wednesday from 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00.

Likewise, the artist Covarrubias Silberius de Ura will represent this afternoon at 20:00 pm in the Casa de Cultura de l'Alfas 'Noah's Journey 3.0', a show about wine that combines music, theater and audiovisual.

May 17, National Day of Norway

The signing of the protocol matches the Norway Day celebration tomorrow May 17, Which will start early in the morning with the hoisting of the Norwegian flag in the city of l'Alfas in the House of Culture and all Norwegian institutions. At 11:00 it is scheduled to start the parade from the Hotel Molí to the House of Culture, with the participation of hundreds of Norwegian residents, as well as local authorities and the delegation of Covarrubias. The bulk of the activities will take place in Constitution Avenue, opposite the clubhouse Norwegian Costa Blanca, where and at night the official dinner will take place on May 17.

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