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Open/Close Menu Princess Kristina of Norway based in Madrid, Foundation is a cultural foundation that aims to promote cultural activities in Spain that serve to strengthen ties between Norway and Spain, and maintenance of the statue of Princess Kristina, built in 1978 Covarrubias, a place where the sarcophagus with the remains of the princess.

Presentación1He Founding Partner of Medina Cuadros held its First anniversary as President of the Foundation Princess Kristina of Norway coinciding with the feast of Norway Day is celebrated on May 17.

Manuel Medina participated in the celebration of this special day for the Norwegians accompanying the Scandinavian country's ambassador in Madrid, Helge Skaara, Which he began the act of Norway Day Celebration with a word of thanks to those present later Manuel Medina as a guest, he enjoyed the rest of the events scheduled for that day so specialThe interpretation of the Norwegian anthem by the choir of children Scandinavian College of Madrid and the traditional parade.

The first year of Manuel Medina in front of the presidency Foundation Princess Kristina of Norway He has been full of acts and events which they have contributed positively to promote relations between the Norwegian country and Spain. Manuel Medina It was very enthusiastic by ties uniting these two countries, since the Norwegian princess arrived in Spain from Bergen in 1234 to marry Infante D. Felipe, brother of King Alfonso X El Sabio.

During these 365 days Manuel Medina held the position of President of the Foundation they have been carried out celebrations, parties, excursions, agreements between the two countries, such as exchange of students between Bergen-Covarrubias and cultural events such as the Festival 'notes Norway' which is held every year on the second weekend October. All this has been reflected in the Foundation Web page it has also renewed.

It was carried out this year I Short Story Contest on Princesa Kristina, in Spanish and Norwegian, which was very successful convening and whose winners will be announced in October in the next edition of Festival 'Notes from Norway'.

Norway celebrates this day coinciding with the date you signed your Constitution on May 17, 1814 and that day happened to be considered Norwegian National Day. During the World War IIThis Nordic country was occupied and celebrations were banned National Day, his flag It became a symbol of freedom that today everybody do waving in parades. Is a party by and for the people in which the protagonists are children.

On the occasion of Day Norway, the mayors of Alfaz del Pi and Covarrubias ratified the union between the two municipalities, one twinning whose main objective cultural exchange and the development of a common artistic program. This alliance stems from the link the two cities held with Norway, in Covarrubias is buried Princess Kristina and the Alicante city is the municipality with the largest Norwegian population living in Spain. Manuel Medina, as President of Princess Kristina Foundation, it is one of the members of Twinning Committee between these two cities.

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