The Chapel of St. Olav

Since it emerged this "beautiful madness" to fulfill the desire of a Norwegian princess, manifested in the Middle Ages, we have realized that this story just as thrilled us, has thrilled thousands.

The story of the young Norwegian who traveled to Spain to marry a Castilian infant and died far from his country, is a story that invites us to dream and feeds inspiration. It is a story that evokes feelings and has had an impact beyond what we could imagine.

Over the years we have received requests for information from people interested in writing books, plays, TV documentaries, music works, etc. on Princess Kristina. In a single year 4 novels published Kristina!

We have seen exchange programs between Norwegian and Spanish schools that feed on the history we have in common in order to stimulate communication among Norwegian children and Spanish at the same time seek to foster mutual knowledge of the history of the respective peoples.

Chapel of St. Olav

Chapel of St. Olav

We have also seen the number of visitors Norwegian Covarrubias has increased year after year. We have found that the Princess Kristina has even become protagonist of theme tours and created a hiking trail linking the city of Burgos Covarrubias, the Way of St. Olav in Spain.

These initiatives are not only merit of the foundation, some are born spontaneously, although the Foundation always have put a special effort in the work to publicize the story.

The story belongs to us all. In this case Princess Kristina is something we share and that unites us. In the same way we want the Chapel of St. Olav also belongs to all and to serve as a meeting point between cultures. That is the symbol of a collective effort made for the sake of friendship between peoples and serve to know us better.